Below are photos from our project at Frederick Law Olmsted Historic Site near Boston, Massachusetts in 2011. In Olmsted's Plant Room, pebble-dash stucco walls were painted over with white in the 1960's. Using a small stripped reveal as reference, we faux painted the white pebbled walls to recreate the original 19th Century look. Six doors in the Main Hall and Olmsted's office were also faux-painted to create mahogany and cherry wood finishes. This project was completed in collaboration with Craddock Painting, LLC.

Detail of Pebble-Dash Stucco walls in Plant Room. The reveal within the small square is the original pebbled stucco wall. All surrounding areas are faux-painted

View of completed Plant Room

View of Main Hall including two of the six fauxed doors

Detail of faux-bois door on right, painted to match original cherry wood banisters and stair rails (shown

‚Äčat left)

Below are photos from a project at Federal Hall National Monument in New York City, 2010/11. Here we restored and recreated interior decorative finishes on the cast-iron doors and stair-rails. In collaboration with Craddock Painting LLC and AM Art Conservation.

Working on Main Hall Doors, above. Stair-rails were stripped then glazed to match existing treatments, right. Doors were through out, before and after below.

Below are photos from our project at the Hampton National Historic Site in Baltimore, Maryland, 2009.

Baseboards of Main Hall before and after (above and right). Faux-marble was painted to re-create original 18th Century treatments.

Slave Quarters. Wood-graining to re-create historic 18th Century treatments likely painted by enslaved people. 

Below are photos of a recent project for the Veteran's Administration to inpaint and restore a monument at the Alton National Cemetery in Alton, Illinois in 2010.

Columns before and after. Front right side of Monument (right), restoration was throughout.


We have completed several projects to conserve and re-create historic interior finishes for National Park Service sites and museums. Below are photos of our most recent project working with Cultural Heritage Conservation to restore a section of the Great Hall in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City in 2019.

We worked to restore damages to the western column in the front of Federal Hall National Memorial Site in New York City. Before and after photos are below.

Below are photos from a project to restore and refinish the front doors and overdoors of the Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City.