Faux Bois, Faux Marble

Faux-mahogany. Completed under Metamorfaux, NYC.

Faux-carrara marble counter top, part of installation for "Pride Goes Before a Fall" at Artist's Space, NYC.

Faux-finished 3D Printouts for artist Walid Raad. These are plastic copies of ancient stone carvings painted to look like the original stone.

Faux-bois fiireplace, NYC

Above are the faux-painted 3D printouts hanging in the Museum of Modern Art, for artist Walid Raad.

Detail of faux-marble for retail shop Story, NYC

Faux-travertine, NYC

Four panels on left are faux-finished to match the surrounding stone. Painted onsite in the lobby of 20 Exchange Place, NYC. 

Faux-travertine blocks in residential lobby, NYC